1. S&P TD 250/100 Silent

    Price:  239,00CHF

    S&P TD 250/100 Silent

    Soler & Palau is one of the leading manufacturers for fans of all kinds and presents with the TD Silent model the quietest tube fan of their power class. The volume level was reduced compared to similar types of fans by up to 12db (A). The sound waves generated inside of the TD Silent is dissipated by the specially crafted inner casing and absorbed by the soundproofing.
    The TD Silent of S&P offers with the soundproofing several others advantages, The exterior mounted terminal box can be rotate 360° what makes the connecting easier and the engine is easy to remove if necessary. The body of the S&P TD Silent consists of durable ABS plastic.

    The S&P TD Silent has two power stages which are defined via the connection method.
    Port size 100mm 100mm
    Performance 180m3/h 240m3/h
    Power consumption 18W 24W
    Voltage 230V 230V
    Current consumption 0.1A 0.11A
    rotation speed 1800rpm 2200rpm
    Sound pressure level 19db(A) 24db(A)
    Max. Airstream temperature 40°C 40°C

    weight: 1.5kg

    Attention: S&P TD Silent fans must not be dimmed!  control The rotation speed only possible through a step transformer!