1. Q-Max EC 315mm 2850m3/h

    Price:  680,00CHF

    Q-Max EC 315mm 2850m3/h

    The Q-Max tube fan is a turbine fan with maximum aerodynamic efficiency and the lowest energy consumption due to the new EC technology. EC motors need significantly less electricity and even if they are dimmed. The Q-Max EC has a Max Fan Pro engine integrated into a silencer. Thanks to the uniform, turbulent airflow, the Q-Max EC is powerful and quiet at the same time.

    The Q-Max fan can be controlled with an additional dimmer available without creating a hum. Up to 10 EC Motor Venilators can be connected and controlled simultaneously with the Can Fan EC Controller.

    Technical Specifications:

        Power: 230V
        Power consumption: 2A
        Speed controll: 0 bis 10V
        Airflow: 2850m3/h
        Connection: 315mm
        Watts: 307W
        Frequenzy: 50Hz

In addition to other components, waste air fans are required to create the ideal climatic conditions in cultivation areas, which is essential for successful plant breeding. In the Greenville Gardening Growshop in Bern, we carry out all well-known fan providers and we would be pleased to advise you personally.