1. AeroFarm

    Price:  120,00CHF

    The AeroFarm watering systems are made of recycled plastic. The visually appealed systems can be used anywhere indoor, where a rapid and vigorous growth of the plants is desired. Whether in professional breeding rooms, in the living room or in the office.

    for 5 plants per pot.

    In contrast to the aqua and water farm systems, which use expanded clay as a substrate, the AeroFarm is based on modern aeroponictechnology which guarantees extreme growth.
    An additional advantage is the fact, that there occurs no waste by the complete absence of a cultivation substrate.

    The systems consists of an outer bigger outpot, in which the nutrient solution is kept at the same time, and a smaller inner pot, with 35l socket assets, which houses the plant.
    At each watering program the nutrient solution is sprayed through fine capillars directly on the root system of the plant, and therefor it is directly available.

    Size: 45.5x45.5x43cm