1. Amblyseius cucumeris

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    Against thrips

    Pests: The 1-2 mm small thrips cause bright spots and brown leaf edges on ornamentals by their sucking.

    Beneficial insect: The predatory mit Amblyseius is only 0,5mm small, red-brown and very mobile. It stings young thripslarvae and sucks them out.

    Application! The predatory Amblyseius mites are delivered in paper bags. These are hung on the infected plants. During 4-5 weeks, the predatory mites leave successively and search the thrips. If necessary, the bag can be replaced then. The relative humidity should be more than 60%.

    Only use in conservatories, interiors, etc.

    10 bags à 500 Predatory mites are enough for about 5 plants (depending on infestation an size of the plants).

    Delivery time: 5 - 10 days



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