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  • NeemAzal-T/S
    Against aphids, spider mites, minier and white fli...
    Price:  17,90CHF
  • Solbac
    Against mosquito larvae and fungus gnats moderate ...
    Price:  12,90CHF
  • Natural
    Against aphids, spider mites and white flies Pe...
    Price:  12,90CHF
  • Amblyseius cucumeris
    Against thrips Pests: The 1-2 mm small thrips c...
    Price:  18,50CHF
  • Delfin®
    Against boxwood borer and various harmful caterpil...
    Price:  8,90CHF
  • Traunem
    Against strong fungus gnat larvae infestation P...
    Price:  17,50CHF
  • Adalia ladybug- and larvae
    Effective against aphids Pest: Aphids are among...
    Price:  36,50CHF
  • Catch-it, blue
    For monitoring of thrips Finish with glue traps...
    Price:  19,90CHF