1. Aquakit Medium 120x120cm

    Price:  549,00CHF

    Aquakit Medium

    The Aquakit Medium Irrigation complete system contains all the necessary components to a growing tent or complete system with a minimum floor area of 120x120cm (z.B Grow-Kit Medium Pro) with an automatic irrigation.
    The structure is extremely simple and takes about half an hour. Of course, a detailed manual is included.

    Scope of delivery:
    -EF230 Ebb/Flow system of Nutriculture
    -EC & pH Measurement device of Horticare
    -Je 100ml pH 4.01, pH 7.01 and EC 1.413 Calibration solution
    -Je 1l pH- Grow and Bloom of House & Garden
    -Digitale Timer
    -2x 50l Luwasa xpanded clay 8-16mm

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