1. DarkRoom Twin v3.0 90

    Price:  279,00CHF

    DarkRoom Twin v3.0 90

    The DarkRoom Twin v3.0 cultivation tents of Secret Jardin allow a year-round cultivation of seasonal crops. They are build within a few minutes and are very space-saving. In addition, all required parts can be kept in the pouch conveniently. In contrast to the regular Dark Room of the Twin Secret Jardin, the Twin offers a second, separate growth chamber which can be placed independently.

    Thanks to the highly reflective mylar coating, up to 95% of the light is reflected from the shell. This is made of extra-light material and is washable at 40C°.
    The frame is made of stell pipes which can hold up to 30kg load.
    In the scope of delivery there is also a foldable waterproof shelf with 10cm high rim included.

    Thanks to various openings for ventilation pipes and cable, the dark room growing tents are extremely versatile and easy to operate in almost every environment.

    Interior size: 90x90x220cm
    Recommended max. lighting: 400W
    doors/windows: 2
    Pipe openings: 5
    Cable openings: 2
    Accessories: Waterproof shelf, replacement rods