1. Delfin®

    Price:  8,90CHF

    Against boxwood borer and various harmful caterpillars in young stage

    Pest: The caterpillars of borer boxwood cause excessive leaf and bark-destroying so that can bring the plants to death. The young caterpillars feed inside of the plant, so they are just visible, when grazed bare of brown locations or the webs are visible. Every year there are developing 2-3 generations, and the last generation overwinters as a larva.

    Solution: The in the Delfin® contained bacillus thuringiensis strain shows an excellent effect against the caterpillars. Repeat the treatment after 12 days. Repeat the sprayings after reinfestation.

    Time of application: Apply Delfin at the first observation of caterpillars. Young larva stages (approx. 2mm) can be easier destroyed than older. In advanced infection with nests of more than 10 caterpillars about 3cm lengt a prior treatment with pyrethrum FS is recommended. Continues the treatment with Delfin within 3-5 days.

    Application! 1 portion à 0.25g in 500ml handsprayer fill up and diluting with water. Preventively treat cabbages every 14 days. Don't keep the remnants of the spray mixture.

    6 portions for each 0.5l