1. Detmol-flex

    Price:  85,00CHF

    Against all known insect pests

    Detmol-flex a highly effective broad spectrum biocide from the professional sector which kills and keeps away all known insect pests, and health and material pests such as Flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths, cockroaches, fleas or bedbugs.

    Detmol-flex is suitable only for indoor use.
    The capacity of a can à 750ml is 3000m3/h for flying and 500m3/h for crawling insects.

    Application: Detmol-flex can use the two nozzles included either as a specific example be applied in cracks or holes, or over a large area.
    The treated area should not be vented or walk 6 hours.
    The above dosage should not be exceeded. Follow instructions and hazard symbols on the tin.

    Attention: Detmol-flex is not mild for beneficial insects.

    Note: Dangerous for the environment, irritant extremely flammable

    Can à 750ml