1. LED flower lamp 300W

    Price:  999,00CHF

    The latest generation of full range LED special lamps with extreme depth effect finally allows an adequate alternative for sodium vapor lamps. LED special lamps offer besides the power saving additional benefits such as a small increase of the room temperature to a maximum of 3°C and it is maintenance-free. By the lower temperature the water and nutrient requirements decrease up to 60%. The selected radiating angle of 120° guarantees a perfect light distribution without hotspots.

    Tests of reliable sources have revealed that a 600W sodium lamp can be replaced the best by a flower lamp 300W LED plus a 90W LED growth lamp. Internal calculations (as of 2014), taking into account the price of electricity, purchase of the fitting and replacement of bulbs for sodium vapor lamps found that an LED system pays for itself after a maximum of 3 years, not taking into account the fertilizer savings.

    Color spectrum: Rot + UV
    Consumption: 300W
    Lebensdauer: 50'000-80'000h
    Depth effect: 100cm

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