1. Geohumus Aqua+3

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    Geohumus is a modern, eco-friendly water storage granules for long-lasting beautiful and healthy plants. Even a small geohumus ensures, that the soil stores an optimum amount of water.

    In contrast to conventional mixed granulates, these components are inextricably linked in geohumus. The porous sponge-like earthlike granules forms a new class of materials, which stores the water available to the plants.

    Geohumus can store at least 40 tiimes its own weight of water, and gives it to the roots, if they need it and makes with the minerals contained in the rock flour sustainable improvement of soil quality.Numerous of studies has shown, that the use of geohumus brings better root formation, faster and better growth of the plant, greater yield and earlier harvest leads.

    Winner of 8 Environmental and Innovationprizes by now, including 2012, for innovation power:, awarded by the German Institute for Inventions.

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