1. Growbox Multimodul

    Price:  592,00CHF

    Growbox® Multimodul

    The Growbox® Multimodulconsists of a sturdy aluminum frame which is covered with foil.
    The system has a door and a height adjustable pool. The multi-module can be used as cuttings and mother space on two floors or as a normal growing tent. Just screw the basin to it at the desired height.
    Covered with clear foil, the multi module can also be used as a greenhouse.
    The system is non-flammable, will not rust and has, in contrast to the known cultivation tents, a door instead of the zipper openings.

    Inner size: 120x110x190
    Recommended max. lighting: 600W
    Windows/Doors: 1
    Pipe openings: 2