1. Homebox® Modular Set 3

    Price:  499,00CHF

    Homebox® Modular Set 3

    Using the Modular-Systems of Homebox® you can you freely select your desired cultivation tent. From the shape of the number and position of the inputs to the openings for ventilation hoses and cable management you can determine everything free.
    In this way, for example, L-shaped mounting tents can be combined with secondary chambers.

    If you are not familiar with the Modular System we recommend you to contact us so that we can assist you in compiling.
    In addition, you'll find under a list of the most common forms and their required module sets.

    Of course the Modular-System has the same quality features as the standard cultivation tents of Homebox® auf:

    -Extra large, 320mm ventilation openings
    -It requires no tools for building
    -Heavy duty
    -100% Light-tight material
    -100% Air-tight material
    -Waterproofed floors
    -No release of harmful substances in heating.