1. House & Garden Starterkit

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    House & Garden Starterkit

    The House & Garden Starterkit includes all fertilizer components for successful plant growth. The basic fertilizer is selected for the House &; Garden Starter Kit depending on the substrate, what simplifies the substrate exchange because only the basal dressing must be changed. Included in the scope of delivery is also a clear fertilization scheme with an exact description of the individual fertilizer components.

    The House & Garden Starterkit contains:

    • H&G Basic fertilizerA&B je 1l
    • H&G Roots Excelulator 250ml
    • H&G Multi Zyme 500ml
    • H&G Bud XL 500ml
    • H&G Top Booster 500ml
    • H&G 2 bags Shooting Powder 100g
    • H&G Magic Green 500ml
    • H&G Drip Clean 250ml
    • H&G Fertilizing scheme

    Please specify the desired type of substrate for choosing a base fertilizer.

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