1. Amino Treatment

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    Amino Treatment is a revolution in commercial plant breeding and was developed of House & Garden through years of research.
    Amino acids, which are isolated in an extremely complex process affect the plant in a versatile way.
    The foliage and shoots grow faster and stronger, the root growth is stimulated photosynthesis is accelerated and massively increased without harming the plant nutrient uptake.

    The founder and chief developer Willem van de Zwaan about Amino Treatment:
    "I grew up in a professional gardener family and after school I often had to work with my brother in the greenhouses.
    At that time I had often wondered what the seed gives her strength - they germinate without outside help and nutrients or soil can break through.
    This obsession gave me the basic idea for our new product.
    I discovered a precious substance in the plant seeds; I managed to isolate and combine it with other substances. That effort resulted in a new, extremely powerful plant food for the industrial sector: Amino Treatment!"

    Important: Amino Treatment is a tonic and does not replace the normal primary care with basic nutrients.

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