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    Liquid Oxygen

    Liquid Oxygen of Growth Technology is a highly reactive substance with a hydrogen peroxide content of 17.5%.
    for Liquid Oxygen there are three different possible applications.

    When it is added daily at a low concentration of the nutrient solution, thereby increasing the oxygen concentration of the solution.This happens because the peroxide converts into water and oxygen.
    For this purpose, a daily dose of 5 ml is recommended for 10 liters of nutrient solution.

    Liquid Oxygen is also suitable for combating of root diseases in hydroponic systems. For this purpose, the following procedure must be adhered:

    1. The nutrient tank must be completely emptied and cleaned.
    2. After that the whole system must be flushed thoroughly with fresh water. In recirculating systems the remitted water must be disposed.
    3.Then again fill the tank with fresh water and add Liquid Oxygen with a dose of 2 ml per liter of water.
    4. This solution for 3 days to circulate in the smallest possible intervals. Add every day Liquid Oxygen after dosing above.
    5. Empty and clean the tank. Then prepare the usual nutrient solution and add 1ml Liquid Oxygen per liter of nutrient solution. From this time on the normal irrigation cycle is reapplied.
    6. From the next day to a day 5 ml Liquid Oxygen should be added per 10 liters of nutrition to prevent re-infection.

    If treatment is successful, new white roots are growing in a very short time.

    In addition, Liquid Oxygen is for cleaning and sterilization of farming systems and media. HTherefor per 10 liters of water, 100ml Liquid Oxygen is added and the system or medium must be rinsed extensively. It is very important before re-planting either wait a few days or rinse the system / medium thoroughly with water.

    Note: irritant

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