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    Against aphids, spider mites and white flies

    Pests: Aphids, spider mites and white flies among the most common pests of fruit, vegetables and omamental plants. They prick of plant and suck them out. The growth of the infested plant ist distrubed by that, in heavy infestations they may even die.

    Solution: Natural contains 51% potassium salts of natural fatty acids as active ingredients. This special soap destroyed the wax coating on the insect and mite skin. Natural only affects if it is directly sprayed on the pests. The infested plant parts also need to be sprayed on the undersides of the leaves and before the leaf is rolling to dripping wet. The treatment is ciologically and works immediately.

    Application! Natural is easily measurable and can be easily atomized. Repeat the treatment after 5-7 days. Natural may not be injected to the flower.

    Natural can be combined with beneficial insects, such as ladybird adalia (larvae). The beneficials can be applied safely, as soon as the spray deposit is dry.

    Available quantities:
    -6 x 5ml portions for 6 x 0.25l Spray mixture
    -200ml for 20 x 0.5l Spray mixture
    -1l for 50 x 1l Spray mixture

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