1. Growboss

    Price:  315,00CHF

    Nutradip GrowBoss Measuring Device
    The Nutradip GrowBoss is a combined measuring instrument. It measures exactly the nutrient salary, the pH value and the temperature. This makes possible it for the user accurate settings of the nutrient solution in every growth cycle, it is to be achieved possibly the best results.

    The GrowBoss is the successor of the proved Trimeter of measuring instrument. With the new memory function continuous supervising as well as reliable fairs of the temperature, as well as EC-and pH of value is simple and possible problem-free.

    The new function is called about the MIN Max's key on the front display. This function stores the measurements from pH, EC and temperature during the absence of the user.

    The announcement of the measured values are about the keys on the front switch. The temperature measurement can be indicated in Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as nutrient values in EC and ppm.

    Provided accessories:
    PH4 100ml
    PH7 100ml
    PPM1000 100ml
    Wall fixture
    Calibrate screwdriver
    Power supply
    pH catheter
    EC catheter with integrated temperature sensor
    Operating instructions