1. E-Papillon 1000W 230V, switching bar

    Price:  679,00CHF

    With this e-Papillon 230V AC Voltage 400 V bulbs can be operated, since these convert the voltage. The E-Papillon 1000W uses the double-ended Philips Greenpower 1000W 400V EL special bulb. This may be operated on the following power levels: 600W, 660W, 1000W & 1115W. The switching is performed via a switch on the housing.
    The interchangeable reflector in The E-Papillon made of miro aluminum has a reflectivity of about 96%.
    With integrated LED status light.

    Attention: use only double-ended 1000W 400V bulbs for the operation!

    Consumption: 1000W
    Voltage: 230V
    bulbs: HPS EL
    Illumination area: 150x150cm