1. D-Papillon 315W 230V

    Price:  580,00CHF

    D-Papillon 315W 230V

    Latest model luminaire from Philips for professional horticulture. The answer to the full spectrum plasma lamps. More reliable, more efficient and more light per watt than LED, PLASMA and conventional horticultural HPS lamps.

    Luminaire is equipped with a digital ballast and open high efficiency reflector made of highly reflective aluminum VEGA ®.


    Luminaire and reflector: Full spectrum daylight lamps including UV and Farred (deep red) Very high efficiency of the system of 1,70 mmol / W Very solid electronic ballast, with an extra long lifespan, average lifespan by> 90% survival rate 50000 hours


    IP23 aluminum housing Open Papillon reflector made of very high quality ultra reflective VEGA ® Aluminum



    Input: 207 277 tot Volts (line-neutral)

    Input Current: 1,5 230 Volt Ampere at

    Power: Watt 315

    Input frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

    Relative humidity: 25 - 90% (non-condensing)

    Reflector material: high efficiency aluminum reflector of VEGA ™



    Luminous flux: 36.000 lumen

    PPF: DAYLIGHT: 550 micromoles; AGRO 600 mole

    Color Temperature: 4200K DAYLIGHT; AGRO 3000K

    CRI:> 90