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    Pentakeep Super is a product developed in Japan based on the 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) for professional plant breeders. Pentakeep Super increases the chlorophyll biosynthesis what increases the photosynthesis and also has a through numerous tests confirmed influence on the resilience of the plant to stress due to poor lighting conditions, salinity or unfavorable climate.

    Tetrapyrroles, such as chlorophyll and heme are essential components of many enzymes and especially of the central complexe of the cellular energy. All Tetrapyrroles are formed from 5-aminolevulinic acid. For several years, we know, that archaea divert nearly all bacteria for the synthesize of this ubiquitous precursor molecule glutamyl-tRNA. After that the pyrrol porphobilinogen is formed from the 5-aminolevulinic acid.

    As the substrate of the ALA synthese serves glutamyl-tRNA. Two of the ALA molecules condense to PBG (porphobilinogen). Four PBG molecules are connected to protoporphyrin IX. If magnesium is incorporated in the next step of the synthesis, chlorophyll is produced. If instead of magnesium iron is available, heme will be synthesized.

    The synthetic production takes place with the aid of microorganisms from fermentation (like yogurt), where glucose is the raw material for the microorganisms. As a result, Pentakeep is BSE-free, non-toxic and free of genetically modified micro-organisms (GMO).

    When Pentakeep is used in the irrigation, you must avoid hydrogen peroxide for the disinfection.

    Dosage: 50ml for 100l all 7-10 days or 400ml for 1 Hektar all 7-14 days.

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