1. Sanosil S015

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    Sanosil S015 is a disinfectant concentrate from the industrial sector for land and water disinfection. Combat against biofilm, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, protozoa and seaweed.

    Application surface disinfection

    Dosage: Effective against: Exposure time:
    20% = 1:4 Bacteria, viruses, fungi (low load) 15-60min
    33% = 1:2 Bacteria, viruses, fungi (high load) 15-60min
    66% = 2:1 Molds, bacteria, viruses, fungi (extreme load) 60-120min
    100% Bacterial endospores 120-240min

    Application of water disinfection

    Dosage: Application area: Exposure time:
    6.6ml/l Line and tank disinfection (HTH) 4-12h
    0.23ml/l Drinking water disinfection 60-240min
    0.16ml/l Water disinfection (irrigation systems, etc.) 1-4h

    Active ingredients per 100g: 7.5g Hydrogen peroxide (H²O²), 0.0126g silver (Ag)

    Note: Irritant.

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