1. SenseLife Air monitor

    Price:  259,00CHF

    SenseLife Air monitor

    The SenseLife Air monitor of the traditional manufacturers Afriso enables highly accurate monitoring of the temperature, humidity and CO 2 content of enclosed spaces. The measurement is carried out via gold-plated precision infrared sensors with a lifespan of up to 15 years.
    In addition to the mentioned measurement properties the Sense Life Air monitor has an alarm function if previously under- specified values are out of range and a time, day and date display.

    Technical Details:
    CO2 measuring range: 0 to 10´000ppm (+/- 50ppm)
    temperature measuring range: -20 bis 50C° (+/- 1C°)
    humidity measuring range: 0 bis 90% (+/- 5%)
    Voltage: 230V auf 5V (Adapter included)