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    Against mosquito larvae and fungus gnats moderate infestation


    Pests: Mosquitos thrive in all standing water such as rainwater tanks, biotopes, fountains racks etc. The larvae of of the mosquitoes are well recognized by their curved shape and its twitching locomotion just below the water surface.

    Solution: SolBac Tabs contain a Bacillus thuringiensis strain (subsp. Israelensis), which only affects mosquito larvae in the water. Fast action! SolBac tabs can also be used against fungus gnatslarvae at potted plants.

    Application! When observing the very first Mosquitoes all open water areas (Rainwater collection barrels, ponds, biotopes, fountain basins, etc ..) are to be treated. Repeat all 14 days. With 1 up to10 m2 water surface can be treated. Blank tablet or part of the tablet dissolve in water before. As the product is exclusively against the larvae (!) of mosquitos of species acts, it can also be applied in fish ponds or in water with that pets come into contact.

    Fungus gnats

    Pests: Fungus gnats are very small black mosquitos, which stay on potting soil for houseplants an in the vicinity of the pot. Their larvae eat the roots of the plants and under circumstances they can make them die.

    Solution: The Solbac tablets contain a highly specific biologic product based on the bacillus thuringiensis straing (subsp. israelensis). Since this drug is only against the larvae (!) of certain mosquitos of species acts, there is no danger for pets or other animals. For a heavy infestation we recomment Traunem additionnally. The visible effect of the product occurs after 10-14.

    Application! Per liter feeding water it needs 1 effervescent in the watering can, and then you can water the plants normally. The treatment should be repeated after 14 days.

    Comment: Irritant. May cause sensitization by inhalating and skin contact. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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    -1l bottle

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