1. IWS 48 Pot System PRO

    Price:  2.449,00CHF

    Available options:

    Ebb/Flood systems of IWS developed to market leader in great britain, thanks to their simple but sophisticated operation within shortest time.
    At each watering operation, the entire root system is supplied with fresh oxygen and thanks to the recirculating operation significatn amounts of fertilizer can be saved.
    Thanks to the flat and flexible construction the IWS watering systems can be operate in any environment. Existing IWS watering systems can be easily expanded by using kits.

    Das 48 Pot PRO System It has dickere 1" Schläuche and stärkere Pumpen als The standard models. Dadurch wird The Flutzeit fast halbiert and es können with dem entsprechenden Kit and 1000l Tank to zu 96 Pots versorgt werden.

    The systems are delivered complede, including tank and control unit.

    Spare parts for each element available.

    Scope of delivery:

    -750 or 1000 liter tank and pumps
    -"Brain" Tank with Timer and control
    -48 Pots with base
    -6 L-pieces & 45 T-pieces
    -48 Sealing flanges
    -60 Meter 1" Schlauch

    Transport erfolgt auf zwei EU Paletten.

    Es sind theoretisch unendlich bige Systeme realisierbar, bei Interesse an einem System ab 98 Potsn bitten wir dich uns zu kontaktieren.

    Please select the desired tank size. If you are planning to expand your system in the future, we recommend the larger tank.