1. G-Systems SMS Alarm Controller

    Price:  650,00CHF

    The SMS alert of G-Systems offers a multitude of monitoring functions for each environment.
    Thanks to 10 freely assignable onnections the SMS controller is extremely adaptable.

    The following detectors (sold separately) are available:
    -smoke detector
    -motion detector
    -water detector
    -temperature and humidity monitoring
    -magnet contacte for doors or windows
    -power failure

    Once one of the connected detector is triggered, a SMS to up to two arbitrary numbers will be sent.
    The temperature- / humidity detector also features the opportunity to query the current values by SMS.

    The controller is protected by a contact alert, which immediately sent a message, if it is open unauthorized.
    In addition, a steel plate and emergency battery provides enough protection to trigger an alarm in an emergency before the controller can be destroyed.

    Via a built-in key the intruder detectors (motion detector and magnet contacte) can be switched on and off.

    The SMS alarm controller also provides the following functions:
    -Automatic sensor detection on all connections
    -Selectable transmission security of normal to encrypted. At the highest level the connection only switches on when a SMS has to be sent
    -Callable status of the controller
    -Language in German or Englisch
    -Adjustable delay of focus of 0-180sek.

    To operate a SIM card and enough network quality is required.

    Voltage: 230V

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