1. Gro-Tank GTM 2

    Price:  350,00CHF

    The Gro-Tank GTM2 system is based on the nutrient film technology, called abreviated NFT.
    In this method, the nutrient solution is circulating continuously through the root system. Like that a continous supply of nutrients can be reached, without influencing the oxygen supply to the roots negatively.

    The roots proliferate in the upper tray while the nutrient solution is stored in the underlying. To protect the roots from light and other negative influences, the upper pan is covered with a so-called topplate. In these any number of openings can be cut, in which the plants will be placed. It is advisable to put on the plants before insertion into rockwool cubes, then they can root well. An additional substrate is not required.

    suitable for up to 70 plants.

    Size: 105 x 119 x 22cm