1. Traunem

    Price:  17,50CHF

    Against strong fungus gnat larvae infestation

    Pest: Fungus gnats are 2-3mm small black mosquitos, which stay on the potting soil of houseplants. Their larvae eat the roots of the plants an can bring them to The by a big infestation. Fungus larvae occor preferentially in permanently moist substrates.

    Beneficial insect: Traunem contain nematodes, also known as roundworms, a type of Steinernema feltiae. These nematodes attack the larvae of fungus gnats. We recomment their use in heavy infestation of fungus gnats. The visible effect of Traunem will occur after 10-14 days.

    Application! Give the content of the package insito of the feeding water and pour all houseplants. Repeat the treatment after three weeks, possibly. Use nematodes immediately after receipt or store it in the fridge, where they have only limited shelf life.

    Package à 3 millions (for up to 6 liters feeding water, suitable for up to 30 houseplants)