1. Tricho-parasitic wasps

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    In order to combat flour, dried fruit and storage moths

    Cereal flakes, flour, chocolate and many other foods can be attacked by stock moths. In order to prevent the spread of stock moths, all infested foods must first be disposed.

    The Tricho-parasitic wasps (Trichogramma evanescens) help, to hold back the invasion of stock moths. They are tiny (0.5 mm!) and because of that they can be used with success against storage moths. You search the tiny eggs of the stocks moths and put into her own egg. Because not all stock moths are at the egg stage at the same time, the Trichoderma-parasitic wasps have to be suspended on four occasions in an interval of 2 weeks.

    1. Make sure, that they is no more food lying around open.
    2. Order one programm pro affected part of the cabinet.
    3. Place the four partial deliveries of the programm in the cabinet. We offer programms from beginning of march to beginning of october.

    1er-Programm, 4 x 1 card

    Delivery time: 1 - 14 days