1. harvesting Twister T4

    Price:  9.900,00CHF

    Twister T4 harvester

    The Twister T4 harvesting is leader in terms of quality, power and reliability. The cleaning and maintenance is very uncomplicated, within seconds the removable partsof the machine can be suspended to get instant access for the cleaning. The machine is complet and independently suitable for the user.

    Technical Specifications Cutting machine

    Imcoming Voltage: 230 V
    Power consumption: 2A (NA)
    Blade Engine: 200W / 0.25PS
    Drum Engine: 6W / 1/125PS
    Cutting height: 1mm
    Weight only machine: 25.4kg
    Shipping Weight (complete with blade suction): 54.4kg
    Length: 63.5cm
    Width: 38.1cm
    Height: 42cm
    Outlet openings-diameter drum: 127mm

    Technical Specifications Vakuum-Extraction system:

    Imcoming Voltage: 230 V
    Engine: 1PS
    Ampere (in use): 10A (NA)
    Ampere (at startup): 53A (NA)
    Engine speed: 3450RPM
    Air flow capacity: 1190 CFM
    Static pressure: 6.45in of H20
    Wheels: 25.4cm
    Inlet diameter: 139.7mm
    Height: 48.3cm
    weight: 26.3kg