1. growCOOL HC 150A

    Price:  569,00CHF

    Too high temperature of the nutrient solution can have several negative effects on water quality. With the help of the HC 150A growCOOL water cooler the nutrient solution temperature can be decreased up to 5°C, where the desired temperature can be set 1°C exact.
    The installation is simple, there are only two hoses from the growCOOL to the tank.

    Incl. all connections and pump.

    Cooling power: 165W
    Weight: 15kg
    Refrigerant: R 143 A
    Heat Exchanger: Titan
    Max. pressure load: 0.8 bar
    Power consumption: 235W
    Operating voltage: 230V
    Noise pollution: 20db(A)

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