1. Ziehl-Abegg PRHE 10

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    Ziehl-Abegg PRHE 10

    The electronic control device type PRHE10 A-M of Ziehl-Abegg is used for continuous temperature dependant or mousture and temperature dependant rotation speed adjustment of voltage variable speed motors. The PRHE-10 A-M controls the rotation speed via a frequency which, which brings several advantages compared with conventional control devices:
    • No minimum rotational speed required, this allows a control range of 1-100%
    • Even at low rotation speed, no humming noise is generated.
    • Since the consumption of electricity correspond to the actual rotation speed, an energy saving is possible.
    • Full torque control in closed loop.
    • Heating output
    • Output for slave controller, damper control motors etc.
    • Alarm output for high--  or low temperature
    • Averaging several temperature sensors possible.

    Max. Load: 6A or 10A, depending on the version
    Voltage: 230V

    Please select desired model (6A or 10A).